Service List

Below is a list of services provided by The Palmer Company. If you have any questions regarding services, please contact our office. We will be happy to assist you with your needs.

• Acquisitions and Sale Due Diligence
• Adaptive Reuse Analysis
• Business Valuations
• Casualty Loss Deductions Valuations
• Charitable Giving Valuations
• Condemnation Defense
• Construction Defect Valuations
• Corridor Valuations
• Easement/Condemnation Valuation
• Eminent Domain
• Estate Valuation
• Expert Witness Testimony
• Feasibility Analysis
• Greenbelt and Greenway Development Projects

• Investment / Disposition Analysis
• Land Utilization Studies
• Litigation Support Services
• Market Studies
• Marketability Studies
• Partial/Fractional Interests
• Portfolio Analysis
• Rails to Trails Projects
• Real Property Valuation
• Retrospective Appraisal
• Risk Analysis
• Subdivision Analysis
• Utility and ROW Condemnation

Finding the Answers - It's What We Do!

The following are some of the questions our clients have had:
• We want to buy a building, but we don’t know what a fair offer is.
• Our office property was destroyed in a fire, how can we settle with the insurance company on its worth?
• I’m interested in selling some land. I have an offer, but I think it’s worth more.
• A utility company wants an easement across my property. How can I make sure I get a reasonable offer?
• We inherited our parents’ estate – how can we minimize the estate taxes?
• How do I value a partial interest in a jointly owned property?
• There’s mold damage to my house - how much has it affected the value?

Contact us with your questions. We can answer them!